Sunday, 12 May 2013

My Little DX Station 91ET104

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Many Thanks for all and wish you all the best 73's....

Noerman / 91ET104 / 91ET/DX
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West Java - Indonesia

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Greatings 91ET104 / Noerman

Hallo my friends around the world, this is my new site informations about 91ET104 or 91ET/DX, Greatings my name is Egi Noerman van Beekom or call me NOERMAN / 91ET104 from West java Indonesia. this is my first time join with Great Internationals DX Group  ECHO TANGO DX GROUP.

Many Thanks for Mr.Guy / 14ET216 , who has allowing me to join with ECHO TANGO DX GROUP.
This site i created for easy to find me 91ET104 / Noerman on the internet. 

My Certificate Of Membership ECHO TANGO DX GROUP

This is me, Noerman/91ET104 with my EH-27 Antena

My QSL Manager Is Mr.Guy / 14ET216,

If you wanna sent me QSL card please send the QSL card to my QSL Manager Address :

Mr Pouillard Guy

Email Address :

For Others Information about me 91ET104 / 91NR146 / Noerman,

Please visit my others site that my first indonesia DX Group November Radio DX Group Indonesia


Many Thanks
GOOD DX....73's..

Noerman / 91ET104 / 91NR146 / 91ET/DX